What is KiwiCash

To find your nearest KiwiCash key retailer please see the map on the home page.


KiwiCash is a smart way of making what we call “micro-payments” for access and services around NZ.

Using near field communication (NFC) technology your KiwiCash card identifies you and connects you to your online KiwiCash account. This allows you to make secure, easy payments for services with a tap of your card on one of our card readers.

Online account can be created on our app or via www.kiwicash.nz

Non Self-Contained Vehicles

Non self-contained vehicles are welcomed at KiwiCamp and provides a safe buget place to sleep for the night with all the amenities you may need.
The KiwiCamp concept was designed specifically with these campers in mind with free WIFI and pay-to-use services.

Self-Contained Vehicles

Self-contained vehicles can use a KiwiCash key to operate services around New Zealand.

The camps can act as a service center for these travelers some offering
Power plugins, fresh water, and dump station facilities.

Bicycle riders / Walkers

Many KiwiCamps or sites run by KiwiCash has sites where to pitch a tent.

Use these stops to wash laundry, charge up electronics and have a shower after a Long day riding

Foreign and Domestic

KiwiCamp can offer a budget option for Kiwi travelers as well as Foreign travelers when visiting town for local festivals /events, holidays or visiting Local family.

How to use it.

  • Purchase akey from a local retailer.
  • Download the app from the Apple app store, google play or visit www,kiwicash.nz
  • Enter your details to create a KiwiCash account.
  • Sync your KiwiCash Key to your account by entering you KiwiCash key's unique code.
  • Top up your account by your credit card.

Set up an account here