What is KiwiCamp


Pay to use camp service hubs for travelers.
Run by KiwiCash.

KiwiCamp is a clean and modern ablution block with secure overnight parking and all the services you need but don’t want to pay a lot of money for.

You do not need to stay to come in and use the facilities. Just purchase your $5 KiwiCash card, download the app or visit www.kiwicash.nz set up your account and start swiping for access to:

  • Secure parking
  • Hot showers
  • Dishwashing/Cooking facilities 
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Waste recycling station 
  • Water filling station
  • Secure power points (charging laptop, phone etc).
  • Caravan powered sites
  • Free WiFi
  • Dump stations (some sites).

We welcome all travelers - Campervans, cars bikes and walkers. Self-contained camper or non self-contained vehicle come and spend a night or just stop by a use the facilities.

There are more KiwiCamps and camps run with KiwiCash being added all the time so keep your eye on the map for new sites.

You won't be disappointed.


The KiwiCamp has four main components:

KiwiCamp Standard Block

Consisting of showers toilets (incl. one accessible bathroom) laundry, secure power charging points, cook tops, dish washing sinks, water filling station, access to WiFi.
Some have power connections for campers to plug into and dump stations attached.

Car Park

This provides space for campers to park and sleep in safety. Sites are fitted with the KiwiCash boom-gate system so that you pay to enter using the KiwiCash Key.

Recreational Area

An area set aside for campers to relax and socialise without disturbing the locals.

Recycling Centre

The recycling centre provides the opportunity for campers to deal with their waste responsibly, and will be tailored to the recycling requirements of the region.


KiwiCash is how we run KiwiCamp.
You will need to buy a KiwiCash digital Key before you use one of our sites.

This Key lets you open gates and use services for a price.

See 'What is KiwiCash' for more detail.

Who can use KiwiCamp

Self-contained vehicles

Self-contained vehicles can use a KiwiCamp as a service center.

Although a user may stay at DOC/local self contained sites overnight KiwiCamp offers a place to park up and fulfill you basic needs.

Have a shower, do some laundry, top up your water tanks and charge up you vehicles batteries.

Non self-contained vehicles

Non self-contained vehicles are welcomed at KiwiCamp and provides a safe budget place to sleep for the night with all the amenities you may need.
The KiwiCamp concept was designed specifically with these campers in mind with free WIFI, toilets and recycling, helping reduce the impact on surrounding environment and local facilities.

Bicycle riders / Walkers

Many KiwiCamps or sites run by KiwiCash has areas where to pitch a tent. Check the site info online to find out.
A Tent can be registered online and paid for by tapping the tent registration POD with you KiwiCash Key.
Use these Camps as a base to go out and visit local tracks or refill and refresh along the way.
Have a break from your cookers and use our stove tops to make a hot meal after a long day.

Domestic travelers

KiwiCamp can offer a budget option for kiwi travelers as well as foreign travelers when visiting town for local festivals /events, holidays or visiting local family.
The site can act as a home base when visiting major cities for any event.

Check our website for new locations on the way.

Go to www.kiwicash.nz and set up your account. Load some funds onto your digital key and you are ready to start swiping for access to:

  • Clean toilets 
  • Waste recycling facilities 
  • Fresh water 
  • Dump stations
  • Hot showers
  • Laundry
  • Cooking area
  • Dish-washing facilities
  • Wifi
  • Power for charging devices
  • Power for vehicles