What is KiwiCamp

KiwiCamp facilities are specifically designed to provide for all your basic needs while traveling around NZ.

At KiwiCamp you only pay for what you use and you do not need to stay to use our services.

KiwiCamp is not intended to be a tourist destination itself, but a basic service facility for travellers to spend a night or two during their New Zealand holiday experience.

The camp is powered by KiwiCash and you will need a KiwiCash key to use the system.


The KiwiCamp has four main components:

KiwiCamp Standard Block

Consisting of showers toilets (incl. one accessible bathroom) laundry and power charging points. Cook tops and dish washing sinks on the exterior with Access to WiFi and pay to use camper van charging points. Some have power connections for campers to plug into and dump stations attached.

Car Park

This provides space for campers to park and sleep in safety. Sites are fitted with the KiwiCash boom-gate system so that you pay to enter using the KiwiCash Key.

Recreational Area

An area set aside for campers to relax and socialise without disturbing the locals.

Recycling Centre

The recycling centre provides the opportunity for campers to deal with their waste responsibly, and will be tailored to the recycling requirements of the region.


KiwiCash is a micro-payment system that allows users to use services around New Zealand easily. You need to download our app and fill out a profile. You can then register your key top up your account using a credit card and start swiping.

Using KiwiCash

What is KiwiCash?

KiwiCash is a smart way of making what we call “micro-payments” for access and services around NZ.

Using near field communication (NFC) technology your KiwiCash card identifies you and connects you to your online KiwiCash account. This allows you to make secure, easy payments for services with a tap of your card on one of our card readers.

Online account can be created on our app or via www.kiwicash.nz

Inside your KiwiCash card

Inside every KiwiCash card is a tiny computer, and a very fine copper wire which wraps around the whole device and works as an aerial.

If this aerial is damaged or broken, then your card will stop working. That’s why it’s best not to drill holes in it, bite it, bend it, put it in the tumble dryer etc.

Buying a KiwiCash Digital Key.

Purchase your KiwiCash digital Key for $5.00 from your local KiwiCash retailer. See Homepage map. https://www.kiwicamp.nz/

Go to www.kiwicash.nz and set up your account. Load some funds onto your card and you are ready to start swiping for access to:

  • the KiwiCamp site (no charge)
  • clean toilets (n/c)
  • waste recycling facilities (n/c)
  • fresh water (n/c)
  • hot showers
  • laundry and dishwashing facilities
  • Wifi
  • power for charging devices