Our Story

KiwiCamp was born from my experience travelling around the world and shaped from my business back home in NZ.

I love travelling and travellers but hate the negative environmental and social impact that it can cause. I believe that by providing for the basic needs of these travellers at a fair price, we can create a sustainable solution to both the environments and communities affected.

I should really begin with the Riverlands Roadhouse - my first business. The Riverlands Roadhouse was a truck stop designed to cater to drivers in the heavy transport industry. With ample parking, a 24/7 café on-site and access to toilets, showers, and laundry facilities, the Roadhouse became increasingly popular with travelers looking for somewhere inexpensive and secure to park for the night and use the facilities.

The influx of this new type of customer presented many challenges but rather than asking the new coming campers to move on, I put considerable thought and time, into coming up with something durable and affordable, environmentally responsible and simple to use.

I found that the trick of it all is to be able to charge customers with minimal staff costs and security issues.

I then had to approach the business behind this newly-forming idea. KiwiCash was created along side the KiwiCamp concept to enable payment for services, identify customers, communicate with users and manage site operation.

Perhaps the biggest part of it was my own experience of traveling all over the world. I traveled by van extensivly around europe and even brough a bus in south america which was then turned into a motor home. 

In fact, my story even has a romantic twist which is that my wife and I met while freedom camping at my Blenheim truck stop. We both have lived and breather the travelling lifestyle and have a clear understanding of what a camper’s needs are. Together we opened the first KiwiCamp at the Riverlands Roadhouse site in March 2017. 

And so it came that KiwiCamp and KiwiCash were born.

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