How it works

All KiwiCamps are accessed by KiwiCash


You must have a KiwiCash Digital Key before you book or enter a site.

Step1. Buy a KiwiCash Key (see home map for retail locations)

Step2. Download the KiwiCash app from Google Play or the Apple App Store or visit our website at 

Step3. Enter your details to create a KiwiCash account.

Step4. Sync your KiwiCash digital key to your KiwiCash account by entering your key's unique number.

Step5. You are now ready to use your KiwiCash digital key at an KiwiCamp facility. 

Step 6. Top up your KeyCash account using your credit card at or via the app.  

Step 7. Enjoy your stay at KiwiCamp!

Where do I get a KiwiCash ID / Digital key?

Your KiwiCash ID is located on the back of your KiwiCash Digital Key.

You can buy a Digital Key from a local retailer.
to find your nearest retailer please visit the home page.

Find retailer on map.

What does it cost?

Each KiwiCamp has its own set of prices for entry and use of facilities.
However we do recommend

Showers 5 mins = 2.00
Laundry 1 load = 4.00
Dish-washing 3mins = 0.50
Power 1hr = 1.00

How do I book?

A booking is automatically created when you swipe into a KiwiCamp Gate.
You do not need to book online unless the site is in high demand (normally around the holiday period).
To guarantee a site you can book on line

Book here!

How do I pay?

Credit will be deducted from your KiwiCash account when you swipe your KiwiCash Digital Key.

All transactions are recorded on the your account for reference.