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We are 100% Kiwi owned and operated.

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Not only do we provide Kiwicamp facilities we also offer a range of infrastructure solutions, The Kiwicash technology can act as digital honesty box, as well as provide individual services such as e-bike charging, showers, gates and more.

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KiwiCamp facilities

Every day, consumers reach out and ask us to install more KiwiCamps all around New Zealand. Why? Because KiwiCamp meets the needs of travelers in every demographic and works with the lowest budgets.

These Camps can be used not only for the benefit of tourists but also for local citizens. Drive tourists towards local businesses or attractions and you can utilize KiwiCamp to meet the demands of seasonal workers and tourists alike to fulfill their basic needs.

Retrofit an existing Campsite

KiwiCash can be added to any existing facility or used for individual existing services. The KiwiCash Management system and KiwiCamp concept can be used to Streamline operations of facilities and campsites alike.

If you think there should be a KiwiCamp near you, give us a call! If you would like to run a KiwiCamp we want to hear from you. If you want to build one yourself or retrofit existing facilities, we’re waiting for you.


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E-bike charging dock

Our ebike charge dock come pre made and can be easily installed to provide a rider with a safe secure place to charge their bike overnight ready for a new day.

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Lake Okaro

Digital honesty box

The KiwiCash digital honesty box offers a low cost way to enable your guests to pay for their stay.

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Caravan and car Charging

Our NZ made Camper charging stations can offer a great service and can be a great addition to any business.

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Waihi beach

KiwiCamp facilities

KiwiCamp is suitable for all travelers from all parts of the world including New Zealand! A KiwiCamp Facility can act as a service station for travelers while also providing for overnight stays.

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Boom gates and access management.

By running the KiwiCash tech on security gates we can provide the tools necessary to manage the access and occupancy of different areas areas.

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Here at KiwiCamp we believe that to deal with the environmental impact of tourism we need to provide sustainable infrastructure which the user pays for.

Our goal is to see a network of sites nationally which, due to their specific design, reduce the negative impacts on the environment and local communities, while maximizing the tourist experience.


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