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We need lots more KiwiCamps.

Our present KiwiCamps are working well and every day we get inquiries from travelers asking us for more. There are several new KiwCamps in the pipeline but there is room for many more.

These Camps can be used to dive tourists towards local businesses or attractions and can be utilized by seasonal workers and tourist alike to fulfill their basic needs.

Retrofit an existing Camp site.

KiwiCash can be added to any existing facility or used for individual existing services. The KiwiCash Management system and KiwiCamp concept can be used to Streamline operations of any existing Campsite.

If you think there should be a KiwiCamp near you, give us a call! If you would like to run a KiwiCamp we want to hear from you. If you want to build one yourself or retrofit existing facilities, we’re waiting for you.

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Self contained vehicles

Self-contained vehicles are largely catered for, with allocated areas to camp, sufficient on-board facilities to deal with hygiene and waste disposal, and dump stations situated at regular intervals around the country. Most regions welcome these visitors, providing they camp responsibly.

Non self-contained vehicles

Non self-contained vehicles have attracted a great deal of negative publicity as communities react to the dramatic increase in problems associated with this form of travel.
The KiwiCamp concept was designed specifically with these campers in mind.

bicycle riders /walkers

Many KiwiCamps or sites run by KiwiCash has sites where to pitch a tent. Use these stops to wash laundry, charge up electronics and have a shower after a Long day riding

Foreign and domestic

KiwiCamp can offer a budget option for Kiwi travelers as well as foreign travelers when visiting town for a festival or holidays or visiting Local family.

Here at KiwiCamp we believe that to deal with the influx of tourism we need to provide sustainable infrastructure which the user pays for.

Our goal is to see a network of sites nationally which, due to their specific design, reduce the negative impacts on the environment and local communities, while maximizing the tourist experence.

With the concentration of tourism that KiwiCamp creates nearby business can directly benefit form a site close by.

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