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Freedom Camping in New Zealand

There are two main types of freedom campers:

  • those that travel in certified self-contained vehicles with on-board ablution facilities 
  • those that buy or rent a cheap van/car and travel the country, spending as little as possible on accommodation and as much as possible on the experiences that NZ offers

Self-Contained Vehicles

Self-contained vehicles are largely catered for, with allocated areas to camp, sufficient on-board facilities to deal with hygiene and waste disposal, and dump stations situated at regular intervals around the country. Most regions welcome these visitors, providing they camp responsibly.

Non Self-Contained Vehicles

Non self-contained vehicles have attracted a great deal of negative publicity as communities react to the dramatic increase in problems associated with this form of travel.

The KiwiCamp concept was designed specifically with these campers in mind.

The main problems are:

  • campers defecating in public and private spaces
  • litter being left in public carparks and temporary “campsites”
  • waterways being polluted with tourists doing their laundry and ablutions in them
  • illegal lighting of fires in sensitive areas
  • parking and congestion issues
  • security and noise concerns

Here at KiwiCamp we believe the solution lies in providing appropriate, sustainable infrastructure which the user pays for.

Our goal is to see a network of sites nationally which, due to their specific design, reduce the negative impacts on the environment and local communities, while maximising the experience for the mostly young, budget freedom campers.

Each KiwiCamp will provide:

  • Toilets and solar or gas heated showers
  • Waste recycling facilities
  • Dishwashing and laundry facilities
  • A secure place to sleep and relax with other travellers
  • Access to fresh water
  • Wi-Fi
  • Power points to charge mobile phones, tablets etc

More Info on Freedom Camping

New Zealand is a beautiful country. Help keep our towns, cities, parks, beaches and native bush free from pollution and waste. Please also respect our unique flora and fauna. Be active and get involved in caring for the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility.
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